Due to the language limitation, there may be some errors for the translation. If you are more professional and warmhearted, please point out our mistakes at any time. Your advice will be treasured for developing better products and service.


Language Packs of Sitemap X Software


English ( Chinese(Simplified) ( Chinese(Traditional) ( Japanese (
Portuguese(PT) ( Spanish ( French (  



Translate Sitemap X Software Language Pack For Free.


Sitemap X software is freeware, in order to spread Sitemap X among more countries, we now warmly recruite translators to help us translate more languages for free. Until now, Sitemap X only supports the languages listed above. If you are kind and enthusiastic, please download the English Pack here and translate it for us.


Get Started to Ttranslate, Please Follow the Following Steps:


1. Go to "<your install folder>language" and copy "English.ini" into the yourlanguage.ini.
2. Open the file - yourlanguage.ini, and translate text only after symbol "=".

Note: No need to translate the text after symbol ";" and no need to translate "\n" which represents enter.

3. When you finish, please E-mail a copy to us at


Attention: when you save yourlanguage.ini file, please choose Encoding as Unicode.



Translate Sitemap X Software Website, We Will Give You $50 via Paypal.


If you are familiar with Html, you can translate here by downloading the Html Files.

If you are not familiar with Html, you can directly translate here by downloading the Word Files.



1. Sitemap X website has already had certain languages , please pay attention to the language menu on the website!

2. Meanwhile, Sitemap X may not have the program language pack of your mother language, please help us translate it together with the website language, thank you!

3. We can only pay you via Paypal, as long as your translatation file has no problem after we check out, we will pay you within 2-5 business days.


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