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What Kind of Site Needs a Site Map?


Since the growing number of web pages and the rapid speed of updating have made it difficult for search engines to properly and timely index websites, it becomes more and more important to generate a site map for a website. With the help of a site map, search engine crawlers can discover all the pages listed on it, and index the whole site more efficiently.


It is especially important to generate a site map for those sites:

  • A new site with few back links (crawlers discover pages by following links from one page to another, therefore, if a site is not well linked, crawlers may "ignore" it)
  • A site having numerous dynamic pages (crawlers usually "skipping" dynamic content)
  • A site frequently updated (such as blog, forum, and message board)
  • A hierarchical site with quite a lot of content pages that are not well linked, or not linked at all (this will greatly affect the user experience and search engine crawling as well)
  • A site including pages that are not easily found through normal crawl process (for example, pages featuring rich AJAX or images)

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Manual Way to Generate a Site Map


You can generate a sitemap by following these steps: Open a new file with text editor or Dream Weaver, follow the Sitemap schema to edit your own site map (by using the standard XML tags defined by Google), and then add the URLs which you want search engine crawlers to find along the additional information (when it was last updated, how often it usually changes, and how important it is, relative to other URLs in the site) to it.


Note: Be careful when adding URLs and their metadata to your site map, otherwise you will get an incomplete or invalid site map for your site, and thus make a negative impact on the indexing of your site.

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What Else Should Do after the Generation?


After you generate a sitemap, there is still something you need to do:
1. Upload your site map to the server, and put it into the root directory of your website.
2. Submit your site map to major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. with your own accounts at these search engines.
3. Ping search engines about the update of your site every time there are changes on it.

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SiteMap X: Automate the Whole Process of Site Map Building


Think it's too tedious and backbreaking to manually finish the whole process of site map building? Do not worry! SiteMap X can greatly facilitate the process.


SiteMap X is a free sitemap building tool which can automate the whole process of site map building: automatically crawl your site and generate a sitemap completely and standardly; instantly upload the generated site maps to your server with the built-in FTP/FTPS/SFTP Client; immediately ping search engines about the newly generated site map and save your time to submit it to different search engines; timely notify the search engines of the changes of your site with updated site maps.


Other outstanding features of SiteMap X:

  • Prove applicable to all kinds of sites including Blogs and Forums
  • create sitemap with unlimited URLs
  • Split a larger sitemap into smaller ones if necessary
  • Scheduled sitemap creation, uploading and search engine pinging
  • Discover and report site problems like dead links

  • Generate a site map for your site and instantly accomplish site map building with this free site map tool—SiteMap X right now!

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System Requirements

Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2008
32 bit and 64 bit System



Thank you so much for offering us such a wonderful tool! This free xml site map generator can easily beat many paid ones by perfectly finishing the whole process of site map building. I will recommend it to all my friends who need such tool!
--Brown, North Carolina


Amazing tool! I have validated the site maps it generated and they are just flawless. Thank you for providing such good software to help us quickly and effectively build site maps for our sites! And I can no longer worry about the indexing problems with the great function of automatically pinging—it is terrific!
--Leigh, Oklahoma


You really developed the easiest and most efficient way to build site maps for websites! SiteMap X is the best site map tool I've ever seen, and you've done a great work! Thanks a lot!
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You've saved us much time and money by letting us freely use such wonderful tool! That's very kind of you, and I'm deeply grateful for your outstanding work!
--Fenton, Vermont


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