Site Map for a Website — Build Sitemaps to Quicken Indexing

site map for a website

site map for a website

What Is a Site Map?

The site map for a website is a textual map which lists all the URLs of a site, along with metadata about each URL. Under the guidance of a site map, visitors can easily find what they are looking for (HTML site map), and search engine bots can crawl and index web pages more effectively (). It is an overview of everything on a site and an important way of communication with visitors and search engines.

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Why Should Build Site Map for a Website?

Site maps are created in response to the increasing size, complicated structure and frequently updated contents of websites. If your site contains those motioned factors which make it difficult for visitors as well as search engine bots to grasp the whole structure of a site, and find any specific page, then building site maps for your site is definitely a necessity.


An HTML site map helps visitors see all available content areas on one page, and provides them with instant access to those web pages. It is quite necessary when your visitors are lost and might abandon your site—at this critical time it can serve as the last piece of assistance to find their way around. This type of site map for a website can improve user experience and keep visitors.


An XML site map for a website is used to assist search engine bots in crawling and indexing web pages. It leads search engine bots to crawl every pages listed on the sitemap, and offers the opportunity to inform search engines immediately about any change on your site. Therefore, if your site is facing indexing problems (containing dynamic content, including pages with lots of flash or AJAX, and having not well linked content pages all would incur indexing problems), an XML site map will be of great help.

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site map for a website

Quickly Build Site Maps with Free Site Map Generator—SiteMap X

Since site map is so important to win visitors and search engines preference, it is a wise decision to build site map right now.


The simplest way to build site map for a website is to use a site map generator to automatically and quickly generate site maps for you. There are many site map generators out there: some ask for dozens of dollars to offer a fully functional version, while others provide free versions but cannot guarantee comprehensive functions and a quality site map for a website. Can I have both—a free and fully functional one?


Yes, you can! SiteMap X is the best free and fully functional site map generator which can quickly generate quality and valid site maps. With SiteMap X, you can:

  • Instantly build different types of site maps (HTML, XML, TXT, and GZ)
  • Generate site maps with unlimited URLs
  • Intelligently split a large site map into smaller ones
  • Find out all site problems like dead links
  • Automatically upload generated site maps to your server
  • Immediately ping search engines with updated site maps
  • Schedule the time of automated generation, uploading and pinging

You can download SiteMap X to build a site map for a website for free right now!

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site map for a website

System Requirements

Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2008
32 bit and 64 bit System


site map for a website


I've searched for a quality site map generator on the internet for a long time but could not find a satisfactory one. To be frank, I have tried about tens of site map generators till one of my friends recommended SiteMap X to me. Now I can stop the searching, for I've already found the one that can satisfy all my needs. Thank you so much!
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--Columbia, Kentucky


Many thanks for you to develop such good software and offer it to us for totally free. You really do we webmasters a great favor!
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With SiteMap X, I am no longer bothered with site map creation, site map uploading, and even search engine notification. It can make all things done automatically and quickly! What an incredible tool!
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site map for a website

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