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Why We Need to Build a Sitemap for a Website?


A sitemap is a structured list of all pages within a website. It is like the table of contents of a website and is crucial to website designing and user experience improving. There are two important reasons why you have to build a sitemap for you website.


On one hand, sitemap can be used as site navigation to improve user experience. If the URLs on your site are not organized in a clear and standardized way, visitors will feel very frustrated when they cannot easily find what they want, and then leave your site immediately, or worse they may lose interest in your brand ever since.


On the other hand, sitemap can help search engine bots quickly find web pages on a site and better grasp its structure and analyze its contents, therefore search engines can index web pages more effectively and give appropriate rankings to a site. A sitemap is especially necessary for those sites with indexing problems and thus can not achieve high rankings on search engines.


So, if you want to win popularity among users and search engines, it is very helpful to build a sitemap.


Generate Quality Sitemap Easily with SiteMap X for Free


The programming language used to write sitemaps is known as XML. This makes it difficult for people who do not have programming knowledge of building a sitemap for their websites. Fortunately, the boom of auto site map creators on the market makes it easy. It saves the troubles to manually write an XML file.


There are many kinds of free software which only create low quality sitemaps or some so called high quality ones which are very expensive. Cannot find a satisfactory one? Your saviour to freely build a sitemap of high quality has come----SiteMap X.

SiteMap X is becoming widely popular recently for it is the most powerful sitemap creator on the market, and the most attracting point is that it is completely free. With SiteMap X, it will be a piece of cake to make a sitemap of high quality.


Next I will briefly introduce the functions of SiteMap X:

1.Sitemap Generator----Easy operation process and high efficiency of sitemap building. No need for any professional knowledge about programming yet the accurate and valid sitemap will be finished in up to one minute. You can choose the sitemap format and XML styles according to your own needs.

2.Sitemap Uploader----Two kinds of sitemap uploading are available for you. Usually, once the sitemap is created, it will upload the file to your server automatically. Or you can choose to submit it by yourself with the built-in FTP Client.


3.Search Engine Pinger----This is a vital function. Every time you change your website, it will notify the search engines, which will certainly speed up the SE indexing and improve SE rankings finally.

4.Sitemap Roboter----This is an exclusive function. You can choose to hide the contents you don't want SE spider to crawl. This is important to protect the privacy and ensure the safety of your websites.

System Requirements

Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2008
32 bit and 64 bit System



I don't know how to build a sitemap at first, but luckily I find this tool. I couldn't hide my surprise and joy after using it, for it is really a good tool to generate sitemap. It not only creates high quality sitemaps in a short time, but also helps me find many mistakes I haven't found before. The sitemaps generated by it have helped me make all my web pages indexed by Google, and the rankings of my sites also have been improved.
--Bunny, Detroit


I don't believe that such high quality site map creator is free because it is really a professional tool to optimize a website and bring great traffic and profits. What's more, there is no skill needed to use the software because the process is very easy. Just within one or two minutes, my site maps will be created and uploaded to the sites automatically. Thanks very much!
--Tina, Lincoln


Actually, I have done a lot of things to promote my website and also spent a lot of money on sitemap generators. I can't believe that such a powerful tool is completely free because it is better than many paid ones, and the most important thing is that it creates quality sitemaps which help me promote websites successfully!
--Gordon, New York


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