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Preparation for Sitemap Building


Since you are looking for ways to generate sitemap, you are supposed to have some ideas about what a website site map is, and why a sitemap is necessary . But before we start sitemap building, there is still one thing we should be clear about: which type of sitemap do we need?


There are mainly two types of sitemap: HTML sitemap and XML sitemap, and each of them has its special purpose. A HTML sitemap can help visitors navigate a website more efficiently and will earn visitors' preference, while an XML sitemap can assist search engine bots in crawling and indexing a site, and thus increase the exposure of this site to search engine users. After figuring out what we need, we can generate sitemap accordingly.


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Now let's get straight to the point—


How to Make a Sitemap?


You have two options: manually create sitemap or automatically generate site map with a generator. Below is a comparison between manual creation and automated generation.


Manual Creation Automated Generation
Time-consuming: as long as your site contains more than 10 URLs, it would cost you hours to edit all the URLs along with their metadata. Time-saving: automatically crawl your site (usually a site with hundreds of URLs is not a problem) and generate a sitemap in minutes.
Fallible: it is very likely that you may omit some URLs or make mistakes while editing the metadata about each URL. More reliable: the automated process of crawling and generation can ensure complete and valid sitemap generation.
Demanding technical knowledge and skills: at least you should fully understand the definition and the usage of each HTML tag or XML tag needed for sitemap creation. No technical knowledge or skills needed: all you need to do is providing necessary information about your site and leave the whole building work to the generator.
One type at a time Different types at a time
Requiring repeated creation: every time there are changes on your site, you need recreate an updated sitemap for search engines. One-time settings for all: configuring the basic settings for once can make the generator automatically generate site map.


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Generate Sitemap with the Best & Free Sitemap Generator—SiteMap X


SiteMap X is the best & free sitemap generator which can instantly generate valid sitemaps of different types (HTML, XML, TXT, and GZ) in up to one minute! And this free generator even combines the functions of sitemap uploader, search engine pinger and site problem checker, so that you can make it accomplish the whole process of sitemap building for 100% free!


Following are the competitive edges of SiteMap X:

  • Prove applicable to all kinds of sites including Blogs and Forums
  • Create sitemaps with unlimited URLs
  • Split a larger sitemap into smaller ones if necessary
  • Automatically upload generated sitemaps with built-in FTP/FTPS/SFTP Client
  • Immediately ping search engines with updated sitemaps
  • Scheduled sitemap creation, uploading and search engine pinging
  • Discover and report site problems like dead links

Download SiteMap X to generate site map right now!

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System Requirements

Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2008
32 bit and 64 bit System



Your software is awesome! Thank you so much for solve my problem of how to generate sitemap and making it completely free. It saves me much time and money.
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With SiteMap X, I am no longer bothered with site map creation, site map uploading, and even search engine notification. It can make all things done automatically and quickly! What an incredible tool to generate sitemap!
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