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We all know that, google sitemap is benefit for both Google and site visitors.


A standard google sitemap would notify and help Google spider to crawl your site timely and regularly. thus, your site pages will be indexed more quickly than others' and you will be in the preemptive step to beat competitors.



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How to Generate Google Sitemap and Submit it Manually (not recommended)?


You can follow the below steps:


1. Choose Dreamweaver or a plain-text editor as your sitemap editor.

2. Search a standard sitemap template from the internet.

3. Type the following code as the first two lines:

'<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>'
'<urlset xmlns="http://www.sitemaps.org/schemas/sitemap/0.9">'

4. Type each URL of your site and the URLs you want search engine to index.


5. Type "</urlset>" as the last line of your sitemap.


Then, you need to submit your google sitemap to Google and you can use Google Webmaster tool to complete this process:


1. Add and verify your site.

2. Upload sitemap to your site server.

3. Select "Site configuration".

4. Click "Sitemaps" and "Add/Test Sitemap" buttons successively.

5. Fill the URL of your sitemap in the text box.

6. Click "Submit Sitemap".




But here comes the question: the above way is somewhat complicated and time-consuming  and is just suitable for small sites, what about a large site and the one which is often changed? So, an automated tool is needed.

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Sitemap X Can Do All and Even More!


Support different kinds of sitemaps: XML, GZ, TXT and HTML

No limitations on page numbers and page size

Built-in FTP client to upload sitemap to site server automatically

Identify problem pages

Ping major search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, etc

Set a schedule to automate the whole process of sitemap generation and sitemap submission

Easy-to-manage and time-and-energy saving.


More importantly, Sitemap X is a life-time free Google sitemap assistant, with which sitemap job  is no longer troublesome. Free download this amazing and free Google sitemap tool!


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Google sitemap

System Requirements

Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2008
32 bit and 64 bit System


Google sitemap


It is hard to imagine, such a full-featured and easy to use sitemap tool is totally free. I have used sitemap X for a certain time, it is pretty good, and has saved much of my time and energy.
--Otis Beck


This Google sitemap generator is suitable for all webmasters. It really provides a better indexing. And the rankings of my sites have been increased gradually.
--Jerome Elizabeth


I tried many paid google sitemap tools before, but no one can be compared with this free one. It not only very professional and full-featured, but also very simple to operate, the whole process will be finished in just several clicks. I like to use it very much.
--Murray Benedict


Google sitemap

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