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Why Creating a Site Map for Site Is Important?

When a new website is launched, you may want it to be indexed quickly by those main search engines. However, there will be a time before a search engine visits your website for the very first time. When it lands on the website, the spider will move on throughout your site via the HTML links that are available on that page.

But if your web sites don't have site maps which is the summarizing of all the links of your site, the spider will crawl the pages one by one and this means if a spider lands on one of the main category pages, it can take a very long time for  it to eventually work its way down to the lowest level of pages.

In real terms, this means that some pages are never found by search engine spiders and never cached to be available in the search engine results. This is why creating a site map is so important - it contains all links to your pages in one place for the search engine spiders to find.

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How to Create a Site Map for Your Site?

Creating a site map is not very difficult since there are many useful tools to help you such as free online site map creators or paid tools or you can just create site map by yourself.

Creating a sitemap by hands:

1. Open a new text document.
2. Type the full URL address (including "http://www.") of your index page.
3. Type the full URL of each page you want to be indexed, each on a separate line.
4. Save the file as "sitemap" with the "txt" or text-only extension.

5. Upload this file to your root directory.

Creating a site map using SiteMap X – Totally free and easy to use:

1.Sitemap Creation Enter one of the URLs of your site and fill out the info on required field according to your needs, then SiteMap X will automatically crawl all pages within your site and create quality sitemaps (offers 4 main formats including html, xml, gz, txt)in up to one minute.

2. Sitemap Uploading and Pinging SiteMap X has built-in FTP/FTPS/SFTP Client and once the sitemaps are generated, it can upload sitemaps to your web server by clicking on "FTP" button.  You can also use the "ping" function to =notify SEs whenever there are changes made in your site.

3. Check Site Problems and Schedule Sitemap Creation  It will report you the site problems such as dead links or broken links whenever it finds out. Moreover, you can set a schedule for your convenience, and make SiteMap X generate sitemaps automatically at the pointed time.

The most important thing is that this powerful site map generator is completely free. No need to hesitate any more and by creating a sitemap with SiteMap X, you will be surprised to find the good result it will bring to you

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System Requirements

Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2008
32 bit and 64 bit System



Frankly speaking, it is a rather complicated and time-consuming job to check all my web pages and draw a site map by myself. I needed to go through every page of the web sites to see if there were some mistakes and manually built different types of site map for my site, what a tough work for me. Fortunately I find this software and it saves me a lot of time and energy. And the most important is that it brings a good Google ranking for my web site.
-- Brenda, Chicago


It is the best site map builder I have ever used because it is not only helpful for creating a sitemap, but also does a lot of things such as site map uploading and SEs pinging. Really a good tool for me!
-- Halton, Washington


This tool is very professional and easy-to-manage. I know little about coding knowledge, but I can easily use this tool to make sitemaps for all my sites. All works would be finished in just several clicks. More importantly, such a professional tool is totally free! You are incredible!
--Floyd, Maryland


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