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The Benefits Site Map Generator Brings to Websites


Using a site map generator to make a sitemap for your website is a clever choice since the manual way is too time-consuming and troublesome. A site map generator makes the task of creating site map quick and easy, and what's more, some even can automatically generate updated sitemaps to make sure any change to your website will be timely indexed by search engines. It is a great time saver and eliminates the tedium of manual creation.


The following are the main benefits sitemap generator brings to websites:


1.Largely improve the efficiency of site map building for your website. You don't need to spend a lot of time and energy on the fussy site map building process.


2. Speed up the indexing process and improve SE rankings. Add a site map to the website quickly and efficiently. Greatly facilitate the navigation for users and increase the visibility of your web pages for search engines.

3. Nowadays more and more companies start to pay attention to the SEO works, especially sitemap building, therefore the benefits that sitemap generator brings to websites will be more valued than ever.

Best Free Generator for You -- SiteMap X


SiteMap X is a newly published sitemap generator which owns all the functions the paid ones can provide, such as indexing all kinds of sites such as blogs and forums, creating and uploading valid site maps quickly and effectively and automatically pinging search engines. Most important of all, it is completely free. You can download it to have a try!


The following are the powerful functions of SiteMap X:

1.Support all kinds of sites(such as blogs and forums) and generate different versions and high quality site maps(including XML, GZ, TXT and HTML site maps).

2. Easy operation process, efficient site map generation and immediate uploading. No need for any special knowledge and complicated process, just by entering the URL of your website and filling the required field according to your own needs, your site map will be created in up to one minute and uploaded automatically—nothing you need to do.

3.Special designed robot function. If you don't want SE crawlers to scan some content of your websites, you can set this, which will protect the privacy and ensure the security of your websites.

4.You can schedule the time of site map generation according to your needs, and then it will make site map automatically.

System Requirements

Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2008
32 bit and 64 bit System



It is the most powerful site map generator I have seen. It helps me create site maps for all my sites. Such work I used to spend weeks on, which only need twenty minutes with it. And I just can't believe that such powerful software is completely free! I must express my sincere thanks to all of you.
--Leslie, Pennsylvania


It is easy to operate and indeed does a perfect job! It greatly saves my time and energy. What a helpful assistant for me! And, what surprise me most is that it is totally free
-- Ella, South Carolina


I used to make site map for my site every day, thinking that no software could do the job better than man. However, it is the one that gives me great surprise for its powerful functions and most of all—it is totally free! Thanks to your guys for providing this good thing!
--Quella, Florida


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