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About Sitemap X Software Inc.


Sitemap X Inc. has developed into a company providing the service of creating the sitemaps for Google, Yahoo and Bing. Its services enable the search engines quickly index and rank all pages on your website and improve website rankings. As long as you create and upload the sitemaps, the spiders will come to visit your site from time to time. Sitemap X is the best tool that is capable of delivering massive traffic and targeted customers to your website.

As a high-tech company, Sitemap X Inc. is composed of a team of top elites in technical as well as commercial fields, like software programmers with over 10 years of coding and programming experience; UI designers with unique software designing idea; SEO&PPC marketing experts with remarkable ability and some other internet marketing talents.


Sitemap X - Create Sitemaps for Google, Bing and Yahoo


Sitemap X software is an advanced sitemap generation tool that can automatically generate high-quality and SEO standard sitemaps in up to one minute and highly optimize the code to make it compatible with every major browser.


Sitemap X software not only allows you to automatically generate an introductory sitemap for Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines but also helps discover problems like dead links that may be prevent your site from ranking well on search results.


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Please send us your enquiries to http://www.sitemapx.com/support.html when you need any technical support. It's also our pleasure to receive your message if you have any good advice.

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