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Plan to Build A Sitemap for Your Website?


Do you own a website? Are you looking for ways to promote your website? You may have focused your attention on link-building and other traffic building techniques to attract search engine spiders to crawl your website and improve site rankings. Wait! Have you built a sitemap?


Sitemap is used to help search engines index your web pages more quickly and completely. Besides, it is very useful to improve search engines rankings of your site, since providing a pleasant user experience is now a rather important factor counted by search engines to evaluate a website, and creating a simple and logical sitemap will help users find what they are looking for within just a few clicks. But, how to build sitemap? Below you will be introduced a common manual way and an easy automated way.


How to Build Sitemap Manually?


Open a new file in a plain-text editor or Dream Weaver, and add the information about every page of your website (including the URL of each page, the last time it was changed, and the priority of it, relative to other pages of your site ).


However, building a perfect sitemap is a lot like building a perfect website - you need to consider the contextual grouping of your pages, and arrange links in hierarchical structure. So you have to spend large amount of time and energy on creating a clean, concise format of sitemap that provides search engine spiders with a quick access to crawling and indexing all of your web pages.


So, think it is difficult and want to give up designing a sitemap for you site? Never to! Just consider the great benefits brought by a sitemap for your website. So how to build sitemap easily?


SiteMap X----Building Quality Sitemap for Free


Never to be troubled by building sitemap again! SiteMap X will be your best guide, and the most important thing is----you don't need to pay any penny yet can enjoy the comprehensive functions that those expensive tools can provide.


SiteMap X is released with high quality and reputation recently. It was designed to meet the needs of many webmasters: generate site map within several minutes; only several simple clicks are needed, building sitemaps without paying any money. With SiteMap X, you can own the ultimate secret of building sitemap!


Now let's talk about building a sitemap by using SiteMap X:


1.Generate Sitemap Enter one of the URLs of your site and fill the required field according to your needs, then you can make SiteMap X automatically crawl all pages within your site and create a quality sitemap in up to one minute. SiteMap X supports all kinds of sites (including blogs and forums) and creates all types of sitemaps (including XML, GZ, TXT and HTML) which can be crawled by the main search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

2.Upload Sitemap and Ping SEs SiteMap X has built-in FTP/FTPS/SFTP Client and once the sitemaps are generated, it will upload sitemaps to your server automatically. Every time you change your websites, SiteMap X would notify SEs, which can speed up the site indexing.


3.Check Site Problems and Schedule Sitemap Creation During the crawling process, once SiteMap X discovers the problems of your sites, such as dead links, it will report them to you immediately. Moreover, you can set a schedule for your convenience, and make SiteMap X generate sitemaps at the pointed time.

System Requirements

Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2008
32 bit and 64 bit System



I don't know how to build sitemap, but luckily my friends advised me to try this tool. I couldn't hide my surprise and joy when using it, for it is really a good tool to generate sitemap. The sitemaps generated by it have helped me make all my websites indexed by Google, and the rankings of my sites also have been improved.
--Edmond, South Carolina


Well, all my sites have sitemaps, but I find there are many dead links in it, which would give a bad impression to Google. Fortunately, I find SiteMap X, it really helps me a lot, not only discovering all the dead links for me, but also creating more accurate sitemaps for all my sites. Really do a good job! Many thanks to you!
--Holly, Louisiana


Actually, I have done a lot of things to promote my website and also spent a lot of money on sitemap generators.I don't know how to build sitemap and I can't believe that such a powerful tool is completely free because it is better than many paid ones, and the most important thing is that it creates quality sitemaps which help me promote websites successfully!
--Fuller, Houston


Frankly speaking, it is a rather complicated and time-consuming job to check all my web pages and draw a site map by myself. I need to go through every page of the web sites to see if there were some mistakes and manually build different types of site map for my site, what a tough work for me. Fortunately I find this software and it saves me a lot of time and energy. And the most important is that it brings a good Google ranking for my web site.
--Brenda, Chicago


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