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how to generate site map

Ways of Generating Site Maps


Looking for answers to the question how to generate site map? Well, there are mainly two ways available: 1. manually following standard site map templates to edit your own site map files and adding all necessary information to them; 2. using a site map generator to automatically crawl your site and generate standard site map files accordingly.


If your site contains more than 10 URLs, then the second way is much easier and reliable for you to quickly generate site maps. This is because: you may need hours to edit all the URLs along with their metadata; you should be very careful in case you may omit some URLs or make mistakes while editing the metadata about each URL, which can result in an incomplete or invalid site map; every time there are changes on your site, you need recreate a updated site map for search engines


Worrying about the high price of quality site map generators? Or fearing that the free site map generators are unable to generate complete and valid site maps? No need to. SiteMap X will instantly generate high quality & valid sitemaps for 100% free!

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Why Choose SiteMap X?


If you want to know how to generate site map in the easiest and most efficient way, then SiteMap X is your best choice, for as a site map generator:


  • SiteMap X is Completely Free and Fully Functional. SiteMap X is totally free and combines all functions of the paid generators.
  • It owns the Fastest Sitemap Crawler which can thoroughly crawl your site and discover all URLs on it in up to one minute, no matter how large your site is, and how complex its hierarchy would be.
  • It can create Sitemap of Different Types and Styles. SiteMap X can simultaneously generate four types of sitemaps (including XML, GZ, TXT and HTML Sitemaps), and as to XML sitemap, four choices of style are available to you.
  • It is able to generate High Quality Sitemaps which are valid for Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, Live, etc.
  • It is capable of building sitemaps with Unlimited URLs. No matter how many pages your website has, Sitemap X is capable of including all URLs in the sitemap, and if necessary it can automatically split a big sitemap file into several smaller ones.

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More Functions of SiteMap X


Moreover, SiteMap X even combines the functions of sitemap uploader, search engine pinger and site problem checker, which can:


  • Automatically upload generated sitemaps with built-in FTP/FTPS/SFTP Client
  • Immediately ping search engines with updated site maps
  • Schedule the time of automated generation, uploading and pinging
  • Discover and report site problems like dead links

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How to Generate Site Map with SiteMap X?


Below are instructions on how to generate a sitemap with SiteMap X:

Download and install SiteMap X—give it a start URL (any URL of the web pages on your site will do), and fill the required fields under the tab "Settings" and "FTP&PING"—click on "Crawl", you can make SiteMap X automatically crawl your site in up to one minute (no matter how large your site is);


After the crawling, click on "Next", then you will get a detailed report of the crawled pages (the metadata about each page also included), along with the error pages on your site—click on "Edit", you can make modifications to the metadata or delete some pages—click on "Generate", then you will find that SiteMap X instantly accomplish the whole process of site map building, including site map generation, site map uploading, and even search engine pinging.


With SiteMap X, how to generate a sitemap would be no longer a difficult problem for you. Download SiteMap X, you can enjoy easy & quick & effective site map building right now!

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System Requirements

Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2008
32 bit and 64 bit System



I never imagined that building a site map would be so easy for me. I used to spend lots of time on editing and validate site maps. But even doing this could not ensure the completeness and validness of the generated site maps. Fortunately, I found SiteMap X! It is really a savor to help me instantly generate standard site maps!
--Holly, Georgia


Finally find a good xml site map generator I can fully trust! Thank a lot for offering us such good site map tool for totally free! You guys are marvelous!
--Ebony, Illinois


Now I need not repeatedly create updated site maps for my sites. SiteMap X can automatically generate new site map and ping search engines about the new contents on my sites. It is really incredible!
--Sharman, Vermont


Now I need not bother to ask how to generate site map any more! This free site map generator even outdoes those paid ones! Just one piece of software can perfectly finish the whole process of site map building and completely solve the indexing problem of my site! Thank you so much!
--Brandon, Louisiana


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