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What is Google Site Map Generator


First, we should know what a site map is. A site map is exactly what it sounds like—a map representing all the places on your website where one can visit. Since the normal web crawling has many limitations and there is a high probability that some web pages will not be noted and indexed by search engines, Google launched site map protocol in June 2005, with the aim of giving websites more fair ranking, and presenting better search results for users.


Creating a site map is an efficient way for webmasters to inform search engine about web pages available for crawling. And after the introduction of Google site map, Google site map generator became a boon to webmasters.


Google site map generator is a tool to automatically create site map for Google. By automating the process of site map building, webmasters can quickly create site map for Google, and therefore do the SEO work more efficiently—they will get the updated contents indexed faster, and improve the rankings of their sites.


Benefits of Creating Google Sitemaps through a Site Map Generator


Compared with creating site maps manually for Google, a Google sitemap generator possesses incomparable advantages as the following three main features show:


1.Versatility You are able to quickly and easily create site maps in a variety of formats(such as XML, HTML, TXT, etc). Different formats are designed for different purposes. Usually, XML is your best choice to help search engines better index your site, while a TXT site map could be beneficial for your records and HTML is better for your readership. All of which will help search engines, yourself and users easily grasp the structure of your website.


2.Simplicity You are able to streamline the process of site map building without worrying about the technical side. All you need to do is to enter your URL along with a few parameters, and a valid and accurate site map can be made in up to one minute. Moreover, using Google sitemap generator, you can choose to upload the site maps to your website automatically.


3.Effectiveness It is easy to determine. There are a lot of factors can affect your search engine rankings, and posting quality content regularly is one of those. Site map helps search engine crawlers notice your web site timely and make your site indexed quickly, and only if that your quality content can be recognized faster and then you could get a better search engine ranking.

SiteMap X -- Totally Free Google Sitemap Generator for You


SiteMap X is a newly published Google sitemap generator which possesses all the functions the paid ones can provide, such as creating and uploading valid site maps for Google, Yahoo, Bing,etc; automatically splitting a large site map into smaller ones and pinging search engines; indexing all kinds of sites such as blogs and forums and so on. Most important of all, you can enjoy its comprehensive functions without paying a penny.


Google is still the largest and most accessed search engine on the net. Each year millions of websites get indexed by Google and this makes your site harder to find. Using our free Google site map generator will be the best choice especially for SEO professionals to get good user experience and better search engine rankings.

System Requirements

Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2008
32 bit and 64 bit System



I regret having not found this software earlier because I have spent a lot of money buying a suitable piece of software to generate site map. I can't believe such powerful software is completely free and I must show my sincere thanks for you guys to help me solve the big problem.
--Blossom, California


Before I chose to use this software, I held a hesitant attitude actually. What surprises me is that it can do the entire job for me without a mistake. What a powerful tool to create high quality site map.
--Merry, Montana


It is very hard to believe that such high quality software is free since its function is professional and comprehensive. Moreover, no special skill needed to use this software. After using it , my site have been indexed more quickly by Google. It really helps me a lot. Thanks very much!
--Shirley, New York


It is easy to use and indeed does a perfect job! It is powerful software to improve search engine ranking, and what surprise me most is that it is totally free.
--Falkner, Philadelphia


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