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A site map builder is a tool to create site map for web pages, but why do websites need a site map?


Why Build Site Map?


A site map file is one page or sometimes a set of pages, which lists all or most of the pages on a web site. Usually all the pages are listed in hierarchical structure, with all the information about each page, such as when it was last updated, how often it changes, and how important it is to the whole website.


Since the major search engines show preference for those websites with sitemaps, many website owners start to add site maps to their sites. This can help them get higher rankings on search engines, and will bring large traffic and great profits for them. Due to the great benefits brought by the sitemap, site map builder has been emerged in large numbers on the market.


The Great Benefits of Site Map Builder


1. Efficiency. Compared with making site map manually, sitemap builder possesses many advantages: it is time-saving, quick and easy to operate. On the whole, it can automatically generate site map after you enter the URL and fill out the required fields according to your own needs.


2. Quality. When create site map manually, you need to add the information of every page one by one, and it is very easy to omit important information or make out incorrect information, all of which will result in an imperfect site map and affect the ranking ultimately. But an quality sitemap builder will ensure an accurate site map.


3. Profit. Sitemap builder is also a good tool to improve user experience because it helps visitor to find what he wants. What's more, it make search engine crawler crawl the website more properly and then bring a better ranking for it, which means great profits.

Totally Free Site Map Generator for You -- SiteMap X


SiteMap X is a newly released free site map builder with comprehensive functions and high quality which those expensive paid software could provide. It can automatically generate all types of site map versions for Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, Live, etc. Although it is free, its powerful performance oversteps many paid ones'. Let's talk about the advantageous features of SiteMap X:


1.Create site map file with a huge amount of links. You can choose the crawling level and the maximum links according to the actual conditions of your website. All the site types can be indexed, such as XML, HTML,PHP and so on.

2.SiteMap X has Built-in FTP Client which can automatically upload sitemaps to your server or you can choose to upload manually.

3.It can automatically and timely ping the search engine when there are some changes made on the website, which will speed up the site indexing.

4.Discover site problems like dead links. It can discover all the problems of your site when it is crawling your site and reports them to you immediately.

System Requirements

Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2008
32 bit and 64 bit System



It is the best site map generator I have seen. It helps me create site maps for all my sites and I don't have to pay a penny. I just can't believe that such powerful sitemap builder is completely free! Don't know how to express my sincere thanks.
--Joy, Pennsylvania


It is easy to use and indeed does a perfect job! It is powerful software to improve search engine ranking, and what surprise me most is that it is totally free.
--Brennan, South Carolina


Before I try this software, I have spent a lot of time and money on creating site maps for my sites. It is really a saviour for me because I need spend no money or energy, but the work will be done automatically. What's an amazing thing!
--Brown, West Virginia


I have used different kinds of sitemap builders to create site maps, it is the one that give me great surprise for its powerful functions and most of all, it is totally free, thanks for your guys to provide this good thing!
-- Honey, Florida


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