What is a Sitemap and How to Create It?

what is a sitemap

Sitemap is a pretty easy way for webmasters to tell search engines and users the website structure. In the following, we will talk about what is a sitemap and how to create it.


What is a Sitemap?


A sitemap is a list of all of your site pages which has 4 main types of formats including XML, TXT, HTML and ROR and even more.


XML Sitemap is a list of URLs for a website along with some metadata about each URL (The last modified time, change frequency and the importance relative to other URLs), so that search engines can more quickly and smartly crawl the site. Especially, your site has URLs that are not easily found by Google and other search engines, creating and submitting an XML Sitemap is a must. Html sitemap is especially prepared for users to navigate your site more easily.


After we have know what is a sitemap. Now let's look at how to create sitemap.

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How to Create Sitemap?


If your website is very small and uncomplicated, you could create a sitemap by hands. But the whole process is very complicated and time consuming. Therefore, I recommend you to ask a free what is a site map –Sitemap X for help.



It's so simple and automatic! Just enter the website address you would like to be firstly crawled and then Sitemap X will crawl your website using the default URL metadata settings (or you set it up manually) and give you the options to create xml, txt, html, xml.gz sitemaps.


Once you have created the Sitemap, free Sitemap X helps you directly upload it to your webserver, and then you can ping it to search engines by just one click.

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Features of this Free Sitemap


Built-in dead & broken link checker to check your invalid URLs

Ping to search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, etc.

Set up schedule to fully automate the entire process

Set up the URL information manually or automatically

Easy–to-use and supports multiple languages


Now you've understood what is a site map and how to create it. Download FREE Sitemap X to begin to create your sitemap now!

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System Requirements

Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2008
32 bit and 64 bit System



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