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Why You Need a Blogger Sitemap


A blogger sitemap is, in simple words, a map marked with the addresses of every page on your blog to lead search engine crawlers as well as visitors to where they are looking for. By placing all the URLs in one place, visitors can quickly find the specific contents they want to read, and search engine crawlers can easily index all the pages listed on it.


With a blogger sitemap, it would be easier to increase the visibility of your blog in search engine results and improve the visitor's navigation experience. As a result, you will attract more visitors to your blog and further on, to develop their attachments to visit regularly.

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How to Create Your blog Sitemap


Since sitemaps are very important to blogs, especially for the ones that contain a large amount of contents or are updated frequently, learning how to create a sitemap would be very beneficial.


Most blog hosts provide plug-ins or tools to generate default sitemap files for bloggers. However, those convenient plug-ins or tools are not so reliable as they seem to be. For example, the Blogger users may be surprised to know that the default sitemap files contain only the last 26 pages of their blogs, so that the chances for visitors and search engine crawlers to find the older pages almost diminish to zero.


Any solution? Yeah, you can manually edit a complete blogger sitemap on your own, but it might be suffering to add all URLs of your blog pages to the sitemap one by one and submit it to Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Moreover, every time you post a new entry, you should restart the sitemap editing and resubmit the updated sitemap to search engines.


Shortcut? Uh, there is a shortcut. You can ask the best & free sitemap tool—Sitemap X for help.

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Advantages of Using Sitemap X to Build Sitemaps


Sitemap X is a free sitemap tool which can automatically generate sitemaps of all kinds and update sitemap files as scheduled. Below are the advantages of using Sitemap X to build blogger sitemap.


Automatically crawl and generate standard sitemaps to save the tedious work of adding URL;

Include all the posts published on your blog to ensure all of them can be found by visitors and search engines;

Immediately ping all major search engines about the newly generated or updated sitemaps instead of submitting the sitemaps to search engines one by one;

Schedule sitemap generation and search engine pinging so that you need not spare time to build renewed sitemaps every time you update your blog, but let it automatically do all the works at fixed time;

Save your time, energy and money since it can finish the sitemap building automatically, instantly and freely.


In addition, this free sitemap tool can build sitemaps of all types (XML, HTML, TEX and GZ) for all kinds of websites (not only blogs, but also forums and so on). It really worth a try!


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System Requirements

Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2008
32 bit and 64 bit System



I've been looking for ways to add my blog a complete sitemap for so long. Lucky me to finally find Sitemap X! And most importantly such a good sitemap tool is completely free! Thank you so much!

--Coleman, New Mexico


That is awesome! Thanks a lot for offering bloggers so great a tool! It really helps a lot to get my blog a quick indexing and bring me more and more visitors.

--Braden, Illinois


Well,I was having a really tough time — keeping trying to renew my sitemap and submit it to Google webmaster tools. That indeed sucks. You guys are lifesavers to deliver such a good sitemap tool and for completely free! Too great. Many thanks!

--Leigh, Tennessee


Fabulous tool! Now I solved the indexing problem of my blog (which pissed me off for such a long time) quite easily! Thank you!

--Fenton, Vermont


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