How to Submit Sitemap to Google and Other SEs

submit sitemap to Google

We Need Submit Sitemap to Google

Once you have created a standard sitemap for your website, the first thing you need to do is to notify Google and other major search engines about it, thus the web crawlers can quickly respond to it and timely index your web pages.


How? You can submit sitemap to Google with Google Webmaster Tools; Yahoo, Bing and Live with Bing Webmaster Tools; Ask with Ask Ping URL, which is (your sitemap address). Since the actual submission processes are quite similar, let's just take Google as an example.

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With Google Webmaster Tools



Add and verify your website in your Google Webmaster Tools account.

Create an XML sitemap based on your website.

Upload the sitemap to your website server.


2.Submit sitemap to Google:

Click the website whose sitemap you want to submit on the Webmaster Tools home page.

Under "Site configuration", click "Sitemaps".

Click on "Add/Test Sitemap" button.

Complete the URL of your sitemap to the text box.

Click "Submit Sitemap".


With the above links and information provided, you can submit a sitemap to SEs one by one. In most cases, this work would not be too troublesome and too time-consuming. But think about this: every time you update the sitemap, you need a resubmission, so if the update is of high frequency, then…

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You Can Avoid All the Troubles with Sitemap X


Sitemap X is a free sitemap tool, which can automatically upload your sitemap to your sever and submit a sitemap and other major SEs in seconds.


Features of Sitemap X:


Auto-uploading: with its built-in FTP/FTPS/SFTP Client you can manually or automatically upload your sitemap to the site server;

Auto-pinging: it can directly notify Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, etc. about the new or updated sitemap file with one click;

Scheduled sitemap submission: if you update your sitemap on a regular basis, you can set a schedule and let it do the submission at a fixed time;

Easy and quick operation: several clicks, up to 10 seconds, then your sitemap would be noticed by all the major search engines;

Time-energy-money-saving: save your time and energy spent on search engine account log in, sitemap uploading, sitemap submission, and is totally free to use.


Moreover, Sitemap X is not only a sitemap submitter, but also a sitemap generator. It can automatically generate different types of valid sitemaps (XML, GZ, TXT and HTML) for all search engines without limitations on the webpage number and webpage size.


You can download this free sitemap tool right now to generate and submit sitemap to Google and other search engines.

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System Requirements

Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2008
32 bit and 64 bit System



Never expect that I can use such a good sitemap tool for totally free! I need not spend time in searching the internet for every search engine submission URL and then submit the sitemap one by one, and what is more exciting—it can even generate standard sitemap for me! It is really wonderful!
--Tatum, North Dakota


I have spent lots of time in finding a trustworthy sitemap tool to build my website a standard and accurate sitemap. But what I found were either expensive or with limited functions. SiteMap X really came as a big surprise for me—it is totally free and fully functioning!
--Kirsten, Kentucky


I used to create and submit a sitemap by online sitemap tools, but none of them can finish the whole process of sitemap building and sitemap submission alone. Sitemap X is marvelous indeed! Now I need not change sitemap tools one after another to get the sitemap work done. Thank you very much!
--Clayton, Maryland


The sitemaps it generates are qualified for all search engines, and the success rate of submission is truly high. Thank you for offering us such a good sitemap tool for free. That is very generous of you!
--Gresham, Illinois


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