Sitemap Submission: Quickly Submit Sitemaps to Major Search Engines

Sitemap Submission

The main function of sitemap is to help search engines know precisely the URLs of your web pages, better grasp the structure of your website and fully understand what your website is about, so that search engines can quickly index your web pages and give them proper rankings in search results. And how to make sitemap take effect as soon as possible?—sitemap submission is what you have to do.



Sitemap Submission: Quick Way to Make Sitemap Take Effect


By simply creating and uploading the sitemap file to your server cannot immediately attract the attention of search engine bots (for you have to wait for their irregular visit to your site, and this is too passive). Therefore, if you want those bots notice your sitemap right after you completed sitemap building, you should submit your sitemap to the major search engines.


The question is, how to do sitemap submission?


Submit Your Sitemap with Webmaster Tools


This is the way all the search engines may suggest you to do, i.e. the official site map submission means.


Preparation for official site map submission: 1. create a Webmaster Tools (to Google with Google Webmaster Tools; to Yahoo, Bing and Live with Bing Webmaster Toos account, and then add and verify your website to this account. 2. Make sure that your sitemap has no error and is valid for all the major search engines (otherwise they won't accept it).


And the actual site map submission process is quite easy—you can submit your sitemap at Google Webmaster Tools home page or Bing Webmaster Center by following the instructions they provide for you.

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However, this official means has its disadvantages: troublesome registering and verifying; tiresome submission process—once you created a sitemap file, you have to submit it to all the search engines one by one, and every time a new or updated sitemap file comes out, you need a resubmission (hope your website does not update too frequently).


Want to Save All the Troubles? Sitemp X Can Help You


Sitemap X is an awarding and free sitemap tool which can automatically deal with everything revolving around sitemap.


Sitemap X' s site map submission: no registering, no verifying, and no step-by-step submission process, yet it can submit your sitemap to all major search engines in seconds.


And there is more sitemap X can do for you: sitemap generation—instantly crawl the whole website (including forums and blogs) and generate standard sitemaps of different types (XML, GZ, TXT and HTML); sitemap uploading—with its built-in FTP/FTPS/SFTP Client you can manually or automatically upload your sitemap to the site server; site problem detecting—discover and report all the site problems which prevent your site ranking high for you to rectify; scheduled sitemap submission—if you update your sitemap on a regular basis, you can set a schedule and let it do the submission at a fixed time.


You can download it right now to make your sitemap building work quick and easy.


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System Requirements

Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2008
32 bit and 64 bit System



Manual way to generate and submit sitemap is very time-consuming and hard to finish. I have searched for a long time to find an easy-to-use and also professional sitemap tool to help me. Sitemap X is such a tool to meet all my demands. More importantly, it is life-time free!
--Devon, Alabama


Sitemap X is the most effective sitemap making tool I have never met, it is not only professional and full-featured but also very easy to use, all process can be finished in just clicks.
--Aldrich, Oklahoma


Sitemap X helps me a lot on improving ranking position and user experience. After the use of this amazing tool, all time and energy used on sitemap making and submitting are saved. What's more, it is totally free! Thank you all, I like it very much!
--Whitney, Michigan


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