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If you are tired of the dreary and tedious work of manual sitemap building, and looking for ways to lighten your burden of frequent sitemap updates and submissions, a good sitemap tool is all you need.


What a Sitemap Tool Can Do for You


Since the prime purpose and the ultimate goal for making a sitemap tool is to facilitate and quicken the process of sitemap building, you can save yourself much time and energy to build your website quality sitemaps with it.


Below are some helps you can seek from a site map tool:


Sitemap generation

A site map tool can automatically and efficiently crawl the whole website and generate standard sitemaps of all types (HTML, XML, TXT and GZ) which are valid for Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, and other search engines. The only requirements are a start URL of your website, and some necessary crawling settings.


Website problem check

While the site map tool crawl your website, it may discover some site problems, such as dead link, duplicate pages, and so on. And after the crawling, it can display a list a of site problems for you to check and rectify. Therefore, you are able to timely clear out all the site problems which prevent your website from ranking well on search engine results.

Great? But not enough.

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Sitemap X Can Do More—


The above functions are what common site map tools can carry out. In fact, there is a better and free one which can serve you more.


Sitemap X can not only help you instantly generate different types of sitemaps and report site problems according to your needs, , but also aid you in:


Sitemap uploading

Once the sitemap generation is completed, Sitemap X will automatically upload the generated sitemap file to your server (if you have provided the server settings in advance) with its built-in FTP client (you can also use the FTP client separately to upload or download other files manually).


Robots files editing

Under the tab of Robots Settings, you can edit the robots file (containing the URL of your sitemap) and upload it to your server.


Search engine pinging

Sitemap X will immediately ping the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask…) of the new or updated sitemaps after the sitemap uploading. This can make sure that search engines will notice your sitemap in time and quickly index the included URLs.


Scheduled sitemap building

This function will be of great help if you have to frequently and regularly update your website. By setting a schedule, you can make Sitemap X automatically crawl your site, generate sitemap, upload sitemap, and ping search engines at a fix time (daily, weekly or monthly).

In all, you will get freed from the hard work of manual sitemap building and make all those done much easier and quicker. Download this free sitemap tool right now!


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System Requirements

Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2008
32 bit and 64 bit System



I have used many sitemap generators before, but no one can be compared with this free tool. It is so amazing—it is not only a professional sitemap maker, but also a site error identifier and sitemap submitter. With only one Sitemap X, all sitemap-related works will be done easily.
--Ember, New York


Who can believe such a nice sitemap generator is life-time free. It has saved me so much time and energy! I don't know how to show my thanks! It is really enjoyable!
--Stockard, Tennessee


Finally I found this great tool which can satisfy all my needs! You are so great to make such a wonderful tool! It really is a piece of art! And thank you for making it free to use. Thank you very much!
--Bethshaya, Wisconsin


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