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Sitemap GeneratorSiteMap X software not only allows you to automatically generate an introductory sitemap for Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines but also helps discover problems like dead links that may be prevent your site from ranking well on search results. Best of all, it's completely free. One-minute easy setup, no skill needed, give you the results Google, Yahoo and Bing want!

The Best & Free Sitemap Generator — Sitemap X

Automatically Generate XML,GZ, TXT or HTML Sitemaps

SiteMap X can generate four types of sitemaps which can fully satisfy your needs: XML,GZ, TXT or HTML. These types of sitemaps are integral parts of SEO. Meanwhile, Sitemap X can automatically generate Robots.txt file to attract crawlers to properly index your site pages.

Quicken the Indexing of All Site Pages and Improve Site Rankings

Sitemap can help Search Engine crawlers (like Googlebot) find out what pages are present, which have recently changed, and to crawl your site accordingly. As a result, you can enjoy a quick indexing speed, high site rankings, and large volume of traffic.

Discover Site Problems Like Dead Links

Any wrong link or dead link on your site would greatly influence the user experiences and search engine indexing, all of which can make negative impacts on your site rankings. Sitemap X can help you easily find out such site problems and report them to you.

Automatically Ping Search Engines

SiteMap X can automatically ping (notify) the SEs to index the pages you just refrehsed. This way can quicken the indexing speed and get better freshness as well as coverage in search engines. Thus your site can win crawlers' preference and reach high rankings.

Generate and Upload the Sitemap Files by Schedule

Just set a schedule and leave it alone, SiteMap X can automatically generate the sitemaps and upload the files to your own site with built-in FTP Client. Nothing you should do, SiteMap X gives you the best SEO results you want. And more, it's free.



Sitemap Generator

How important is sitemap?

Sitemap is a necessity to a good website for it can clearly show the internal structure of a site to visitors and search engines.


There are generally two types of sitemap, HTML sitemap and XML sitemap. A HTML sitemap can help visitors quickly find what they are looking for, while an XML sitemap can aid search engine crawlers (like Googlebot) to effectively crawl the whole site and can be very beneficial to the site rankings.

About Sitemap X

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Sitemap Generator

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