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What is XML Sitemap

A sitemap is a file which includes all the URLs of a big web site, along with the descriptions about each URL, such as the level of the page or the last time it was changed. On the whole, a site map can be classified into two main types: sitemap.xml and sitemap.html.


Sitemap.xml is a special sitemap protocol, which is introduced firstly by Google to help search engines index websites more efficiently. It is not only a list of all URLs of a website with hierarchical structure, but also includes additional information about each URL (the date it was last updated, how often it changes, and how important it is for the whole website).


The Importance of Sitemap.xml


Sitemap.html helps the users navigate more easily and xml sitemapis essential for the visibility of a site by search engine crawlers. Both are equally important and essential for a site. There are many advantages of xml sitemap and additional features for your site:


Makes search engine spiders crawl all the web pages of a site more quickly and frequently.

Can set the priority for each page for spider to crawl and index.

Can allow the spiders to track all the pages of the site without hinders.

The crawler tracks the updates or changes made in the site immediately.

Make all the web pages get indexed and also allow search engines to rank them higher.


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The Best Sitemap Generator in the World---- SiteMap X


SiteMap X is one of the most advanced sitemap generators in the world currently. Compared with many online sitemap creators and some so called professional ones in a high price, SiteMap X possesses the incomparable comprehensive functions and the most important thing is that it is also completely free.


1. Quickly and Efficiently: Just fill the URL of your site and click the "Crawl", xml sitemap will be generated in minutes and dead links will be reported to you quickly. What's more, SiteMap X will upload the file to your fixed FTP server automatically.


2. Large Volume and Multiple Choices: The site map file is larger and the crawling level is deeper than those online generators. The max address of the sitemap file is 40000 and the crawling level is decided by yourself.


3. Schedule Sitemap Building Autonomously: Set a schedule and let SiteMap X automatically generate the sitemaps and upload the files to your own site, which can make sure quick indexing and better rankings.


4. Ping Search Engines Timely: SiteMap X can immediately ping search engines after you have uploaded or updated your sitemap.xml. It will also notify search engines if any change has been made in your web pages.

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System Requirements

Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2008
32 bit and 64 bit System



I have tried many software to create site maps for my sites, but SiteMap X is the first free one I've ever tried. It is really a big surprise for me because it owns the first-class functions that only many paid ones provide. I must show my sincere thanks for your company!
-- Luella, Montana


It is very hard to believe that such high quality software is free since its function is professional and comprehensive. Moreover, no special skill needed to use this software. After using it , my site has been indexed more quickly by Google. It really helps me a lot. Thanks very much!
--Shirley, New York


I have been doing SEO work for about three years. Usually, I need to apply different software to support my work, to be frank, I have not found a more functional sitemap generator, what' more, it totally free!
--Erika, Indiana


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